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Casting call Location and Shooting Dates

Auditions: August 3rd 2019 10:00AM - 1PM


Peculiar Rabbit

1212 Pecan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

[Auditions will be on the second floor.]

Call Back: August 6th 2019 1PM

Shooting Starts: August 10th 11AM

Shooting Ends: August 10th 6PM

Production type

Compensation: $200-$300 day

Production type: Commercial Shoot

Union/ Non-Union: Non-Union

Project Length: 3 individual commercials (40-70seconds)

Project format: 16:9 Ultra HD

Shooting Location: Dilworth, NC Home

Production Company: Starks Media

Casting Director: Darius King & River Grey

Email: info@starksmedia.com

Synopsis & Character BIOS


This is a commercial shoot for an Insurance company that provides home and flood insurance. This company wants funny commercials to relate and be memorable when people watch it on social media platforms.

Character 1: Mother
[Age: 30-35]

Very realist mother who realize her kids are not perfect and neither is her husband. She is very sarcastic and cynical. The type of mother that would laugh at her kids when they fall before helping them up.


Script provided in link. Click HERE

Full script provided when given part.

Character 2: DAD
[Age 30-35]

He is just a normal guy that doesn’t take things too seriously, but wants to be loved by his family.


Script provided in link. Click HERE.

Full Script provided when given part.


Actors Interested

In Subject line, please state female or male actor and if you have any links to past work, please provide them in the message box. We will message you a time for auditions.

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