Check out how we show off home and commercial listings, grand openings and AirBnB’s.

AirBnB Listing in Charlotte, NC

This AirBnb was built in 1820. It was perfectly redone so the old style of the home mixes with the new modernized style. It is 1 of the 5 oldest homes in Charlotte, NC and the oldest home in the Forth Ward District. This home was built 40 years before Abraham Lincoln was President.

Re-Grand Opening of Gold’s Gym Albemarle

This was shot and put together in one day. Highlighting the new features of the gym and new Youth Athletic Program though visuals and text. This style of work is great for new home listings, upcoming events and commercial real estate.

Ashton South End Apartments

In this apartment complex, we wanted to highlight that Ashton South End is for the young professionals, dog friendly, walking distance to bars / restaurants and has amazing views of the Queen City.

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