Want a fun way to advertise your company or business that is entertaining? Maybe a video script you want to come alive? We have a team of awesome creative individuals to make that happen.

Gym Box, A Parody of Bird Box

This is a parody off the Netflix film, Bird Box. We came up with the idea for Gold’s Gym to create a short trailer called Gym Box and if you look at the entity, you will turn into a Crossfitter. If you did not know, CrossFit gyms are called Boxes.

Youth Athletic Program promo video

Promotional video for a new Youth Athletic Training program inspired by Gold’s Gym. We released 3 videos leading up to the program opening to create hype and attraction.

I know what you did!!! re-rack your weights

This fun short film capture the annoying people that do not re-rack their weights in the gym.

Gold’s Guy Dancer

This video was a creative way to show different areas and amenities around Gold’s Gym located in the city of Charlotte, NC.