Setting Up Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager


As a small Charlotte video production company, we want to show how other small businesses can set up their own Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager and not have to pay a third party to set it up for them. We all want to save a little money here and there where we can, especially when we are trying to grow the company in the first year. Money that can be spent on marketing and good content to attract customers to your website for them to take action.

Now, setting up Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager does nothing if you do not know how to read and understand the data, but with an hour or two of studying, anyone can learn it and find out the changes they might have to take to change some parts of their website to keep them their longer and take action in buying one of your products or want more information on your services.

One thing great about having a small business in Charlotte is, we like to help other small businesses find ways to grow and attract new customers through video content. We know that the owner or CEO is wearing many hats from making their own website, cleaning the bathrooms, hiring new staff ext. as they get their business or concept off the ground, so hiring a local Video Production company in Charlotte like us is one way to take that creativity off your hands and create video content for your business for people to find your site.

So after you get your Google Analytics set up, send us a note and let us know if you were able to follow our directions and if it helps.

Have A Powerful Day!!