River Grey

Content & Creative Writer

Born in the suburbs of Connecticut in November of 1986, River Grey grew up in two different households with parents that were divorced and shared split custody. With both parents remarried, River was exposed to an interesting spectrum of ideas, ethics, and styles.

A creative child from the start, River was always coloring, drawing, and had an active imagination that always kept him entertained. At the age of 8, he received his first diary and began chronicling his day-to-day life. (To this day, River writes in the same diary once a year.)

By high school, he was writing for the school newspaper, the yearbook, as well as the school’s literary magazine. Through words, River was able to illustrate the myriad of thoughts that coursed through his head as an adolescent boy. His dream was to move to New York City and write for Rolling Stone magazine; combining his lust for music and journalism into one career.

As the old saying goes, “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” River found himself working in banking by age 19 and climbing the corporate ladder for a decade. This eventually led him to Tampa, Florida, where his banking career kept escalating. By age 28, his inner artist reemerged after a relationship ended.

River moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 2015, to perfect his art and take a breather from the life he had lived previously.

It was here in Charlotte, he was able to hone his craft and mature into a creative writer.

Lady Gaga famously said, “there could be 100 people in a room and 99 don’t believe in you; but all it takes is one.”

River found his “one believer” in a friendship with Bobby Starks that developed at a gym within the city. It was here that the two grew as friends and ideas and visions were shared. This eventually led to River being hired as a Creative Content Writer for Bobby's company, Starks Media.

At 8 years old, River wanted to be an artist, at 18 he wanted to be a journalist. Now in his early 30’s, River can look back at his youth and say to his younger self, “you finally did it, kid.”

Bobby Starks

The Captain

Dedication, Discipline and enough motivation to fuel a rocket ship. Bobby is a very energetic, adventure driven individuate.

He was born in the Philippines while his father worked for the government and lived in various parts of the world from Guam, Italy and Greece. His father retired from the government and settled in Carson City, Nevada. With his love for adventure, Bobby wanted to be a stuntman when he grew up. Playing with his mothers VHS recorder, he would make small movies with his friends doing fight scenes, stunts like flipping of the roof of a home and many trips to the hospital to get stitched up or get a cast for a broken bone.

His entire mind set changed when he was in a welding class in high school and the September 11th attacked happened. “I just couldn’t believe it. It really struck me deep. I felt helpless and wanted to do my part to stick up for this country, so I headed over to the Navy recruiter office in our home town and joined the Navy.” Two weeks after graduating high school, he was off to bootcamp.

Bobby served this great nation in a variety of missions abroad through seven honorable years as a Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer. As an aspiring social entrepreneur, Bobby is a highly-active emerging leader in the local Charlotte, NC community. With his passion to cultivate lasting relations with local business and help them grow through his creativity and video production. He is also a graduate from The University Of Tampa with a BS in Entrepreneurship. He is also an avid dog lover, so don’t be surprised if you catch him with his best furry friend by his side, Apollo.